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Hello Creative People of DeviantArt!
I haven't been around for over a year(?) but now I'm trying to be as active here on DevArt as I originally was.

There's a vibe & environment here that just can't be found anywhere else - not on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc.

I do miss the friends I've made here. If you guys are reading this right now, drop a comment - I want to catch up. How has everybody been living their own artistic lives? I WANNA KNOW.
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I'M A FREE WOMAN!!! I turned in the last 2 pages of my comic book on the 15th. I'll have time to post art here again!

The entire process was heaven & hell ON REPEAT. I'm ecstatic one day over a page that turned out really well & the next, I'm pondscum for having burned over 3 hours on 1 measly panel!

On the week of the deadline, I slept a total of 6 hours tops. On the first day, I got up to draw, ink, scan & submit my pages. I did the same the rest of the week & managed to beat the deadline. I didn't think I could do it - BUT I DID & it's pretty AMAZING! I think it's some kind of MIRACLE!!!

Magdalena Sign by InkWorthy

About my book, the title is MAGDALENA: SEVENTH SACRAMENT #1 published by Image Comics/Top Cow. The story was conceptualized & written by Tini Howard.

Tini & I promise you a book that you (& your children) will enjoy. It's a story of a woman, Agatha & her awakening into a Magdalena- a descendant of Mary Magdalene who channels great powers through the Spear of Destiny.

You will come to know Agatha as a friend, a warrior & a martyr - a superwoman. I hope it will make a lasting impression because it's a story from the heart!

So, MAGDALENA: SEVENTH SACRAMENT #1 will be out on Dec 10.
Please get a digital copy of our book at Comixology […] :). Purchasing your copy takes only a few clicks from registration (if you don't have a Comixology account yet) to payment via Paypal or Credit Card, & hey you don't have to get up from your couch :D!
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Despite The Noise

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 23, 2010, 12:42 PM

My house is being remodeled so it has been close to 2 months that I have not known peace and quiet at my so-called place of abode. I wake up to nail-driving, wood-cutting & concrete-grinding 5 days a week! :faint:

I'm the kind of person who values the "soothing sound of quiet", especially when I'm drawing :nod: so it was very difficult to deal with the chaos at first!

Thankfully, I got used to the racket eventually (say, 2 weeks:?) & have managed to come up with new art :giggle:. I'm very pleased with how Adventurer & Basilisk turned out - I surprised myself! Thank you everybody for all the kind comments & :+fav:s on this drawing. I sincerely appreciate it :love:

Adventurer and His Basilisk by InkWorthy

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Secret Sponsor

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 24, 2010, 1:26 AM

I was about to renew my expiring Premium membership, when I discovered that it already has been paid for :eyepopping:.

At first, I thought the fee had been automatically charged on my credit card :B so I checked & it wasn't.

I thought of checking my email :reading:; that's how I confirmed that a mysterious generous someone (I say "mysterious" because the email didn't mention who it was) has given me a Premium membership :w00t:!

I wonder who it was :? I really want to send my sincere thanks & regards to him/her :floating:.

If you happen to be reading this entry, I really appreciate your kindness & I want you to know that it means much to me :heart:. Thank you so much :hug:.

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Hello :wave: everyone! This may seem highly unusual - it's my first blog post :eyepopping: on :devart:!

3 Years have passed since I opened my :devart: account but it's only recently that I took it upon myself to become a more active member :blush:.

Reason 1 is that I bumped into old friends :bump: I met at various communities as I went about my creative pursuits online :

Reason 2 is that I made new friends :floating: :
  • DavidBrainbow (who has been so kind as to invite visitors to view my gallery),
  • Lumi-Nara (whom I have enjoyed conversing/discussing with about fantasy art),
  • Maiko-Raivaru & Stoltzy (who have made me so happy by :+fav:-ing most of my work);
  • & Tyleen (who has left me such inspiring comments).

To conclude, my most absolute favorite thing :love: about :devart: is how it has brought all of us together :hug: - Art Makers & Art Lovers, alike!